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15th Jun, 2023

time 3 min read

The Wall Street Journal headline – “How a Chatbot Went Rogue.” – is scary, as is the story that follows. A chatbot accessible through the website of the National Eating Disorder Association’s website, with output determined in part by an AI system called Tessa, dispensed dietary advice widely viewed as inappropriate to some members of a psychologically vulnerable audience, raising fears of serious mental trauma or resultant physical harm. According to the bot’s maker, Tessa was unexpectedly drawing on open-ended data sources, rather than only an intended, pre-approved set of responses.


12th Jun, 2023

time 2 min read

You’ve probably seen a few scary headlines about how the output from some AI systems can be offensive or off-topic. And it’s true: An open-ended generative AI platform–one trained on billions of data points and relatively unconstrained in its output–can come up with results that are interesting and unexpected, but also potentially harmful.


30th Sep, 2020

time 3 min read

The recent coronavirus outbreak has had a profound impact on the retail and e-commerce sector. While some sectors of the industry find themselves overwhelmed with orders, others are struggling to get...


21th Sep, 2020

time 3 min read

The coronavirus pandemic has been one of the biggest health emergencies the world has seen in a century. It has now been more than six months since the virus gripped the world.....


13th Aug, 2020

time 4 min read

The coronavirus outbreak has forced auto dealerships to reinvent their strategies. With consumers avoiding travel due to the virus, the footfall in physical dealerships has dropped significantly.....


11th Aug, 2020

time 4 min read

COVID-19 has unarguably emerged as the global health emergency of the century. The pandemic has created shockwaves that have destabilized the basis on which industries stood on.....


9th Jun, 2020

time 3 min read

Sales and marketing form the two gears that are responsible for accelerating businesses towards profitability. In the modern business landscape where competition is rife and customer-centricity has become...


27th Mar, 2020

time 5 min read

Conversational AI is the new rage in the marketing sector and it deserves all the attention it is getting. Conversational AI tools are offering brands an automated and efficient way of streamlining lead nurturing.....


20th Dec, 2019

time 3 min read

More often than not, the two terms are used interchangeably, a trend that has left the marketing and business communities confused. While both of these tools are used in similar business procedures, the extent to which...

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