AI Text Messaging Only Works With The Right Strategy Driving It

And that means solving these key challenges:

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Brand Registration And Approval

The major mobile carriers are cracking down on spam. Getting a brand registered requires deep knowledge of the registration process and regulatory requirements like TCAP.

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Quality Control And Improvement

Customer needs are always changing. A successful AI texting campaign needs ongoing monitoring to ensure it’s delivering the perfect message at the perfect time.

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Onboarding And

Your agents need to understand how the tool works, how to answer calls, and what to expect when the leads start rolling in.

Meera Ensures Your Text Campaigns Are
Compliant, Predictable And Effective


Campaign Design
& Registration

It all starts with our team collecting key business information to register your brand with the major mobile carriers.

  • Handle the entire process of getting your brand approved to start an SMS marketing campaign
  • Purchase and register any local phone numbers needed for your AI texting campaign
  • Highlight and address any compliance issues with your website and brand that may impact approval
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Script Writing & Testing

After getting mobile carrier approval, our AI experts will review your business, website, and FAQs to create and test the conversation flows for your conversational AI.

  • Review FAQs, website content, and use cases to understand your specific business and how to communicate with your customers
  • Create targeted scripts and personalized answers to support your campaign goals
  • Monitor and test the conversational AI to ensure everything is working correctly

& Training

Our team continues to support you through the implementation and training process to ensure your teams know what to expect and how to interact with the conversational AI.

  • Configure and test Meera with your backend, including calendar syncing, working hours, call calibration, and more
  • We’ll help connect Meera to your CRM using Zapier or an API
  • Train your teams with live demos and training guides so they know how to use Meera, what to expect, and how to use the reporting dashboard

Ongoing Guidance
& Support

Once live, we continue to monitor your campaign and make continuous improvements to get you the best results possible.

  • Ongoing monitoring to measure performance, deliverability, response rates, and optimize your campaigns
  • Work directly with a dedicated AI expert to troubleshoot problems and receive support
  • Meera support team is always available, ensuring a human is in the loop to quickly address any issues

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