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Managing Events Saps Your Time and Attention


Email and phone invitations often go unnoticed and never make it past the spam filter.


Blasting invites across multiple channels makes it difficult to track them.


Sending individual follow-ups isn’t scalable as your company grows.

Make Meaningful Connections Before, During, and After Your Events

Give your customers an easier way to register and
access event information with Meera.

Increase the Visibility of Every Invite You Send

Move beyond the email inbox by sending automated SMS invites to your customers. Meera makes it easy for users to receive and RSVP for your events by using the more accessible and deliverable SMS channel. 

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An Easier Way to Scale Your Event Management

Looking to scale up your events? Meera lets you skip the manual outreach and invitations by automating invitations, improving RSVP tracking, and organizing your leads into targeted groups for personalized follow-ups.

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Turn No-Shows Into New Opportunities

Take your remarketing to another level by further engaging no-shows in personalized follow-ups. Meera sends post-event follow-ups to nurture and reconnect with potential customers that couldn't make it.

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Manage Events That Drive Sales and Marketing Forward

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Boost Connect Rates By 40%

A successful event is measured by attendance. SMS breaks through the spam filters and cold calling to improve your connect rates by up to 40%. 

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Ensure More Invites Reach the Calendar

Sending an invite doesn’t guarantee they’ll read or add it to their calendar. SMS invitations ensure your invites are more visible and likely to make it to the calendar.


Turn Invitations Into Conversations

Support your event guests through all stages of an event. Meera provides a human-touch to interactions and will loop in a person whenever required.