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Free Up Your Team
With AI Appointment SchedulingBeta

Meera uses text messaging to automatically set up demos and meetings without the back-and-forth emails.

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Get More Scheduled Calls
And Closed Deals With Less Effort

Here’s how Meera uses AI to automate the entire appointment scheduling process:

Meera sends prospects a text to schedule a meeting.

It will even follow up with people who don’t book right away.

Meera schedules the meeting for both the prospect & the agent

It can check the availability of up to 100 of your representatives.

Meera follows up with everyone to remind them of the meeting.

It can also start the actual phone calls and connect your agent automatically.

Check This Video To Learn More About The Scheduling Process
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Focus On Meeting Your Prospects Instead Of Chasing Them


Boost Your Connect Rate By 40%

Meera can understand replies and send messages that are triggered by the criteria you set. This increases the chance of a prospect responding — without any manual outreach.


Never Miss Another Opportunity

Meera texts new leads within that crucial 10-15 second window and then transfers the conversation to your team at the right time. So warm leads never go cold.

Reduce Costs

Reduce Costs By Automating Tasks

Ask Meera to nurture and follow up with sales leads, remind prospects about meetings, notify customers about their overdue accounts and more.

Boost Your Customer Support & Enhance Your Brand

Help Customers Stuck In Long Wait Times

Did a customer call your support line and then hang up after waiting to speak to someone? Meera will text that person, apologise and then schedule a call for them with an agent.

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Engage At Scale With NLP Technology

Meera’s automated texts are optimized using artificial intelligence and tested SMS best practices. So every message sounds human and helpful.

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Empower & Impress Your Prospects

Allow prospects to request a day and time that works best for them to meet. Meera handles all the calendar-checking and scheduling for your team.

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Create smarter appointment scheduling campaigns with 5,000+ app integrations

Meera Integrates With Hundreds Of Scheduling Apps

Google Calendar
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