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How Meera Automates Live Transfers Using AI

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1. Texts The Lead To Ask When They Are Available

Meera understands text replies and schedules calls accordingly.

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2. Schedules The Call For The Agent And The Lead

Reminders are also sent 10 minutes before the meeting.

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3. Calls The Lead And Prepares To Transfer Them.

It can call the prospect directly or loop in an agent first.

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4. Transfers The Prospect To An Agent.

Meera finds an available agent and transfers the call.

Boost Your Show Rate For Active
Leads By Up To 80%


Reach Leads When
They’re Ready To Talk

Are too many booked calls turning into no shows? Meera keeps leads warm by nurturing and engaging them with text messages on the lead up to a booked call. That way, they stay interested and are more likely to answer Meera’s call.

Automatically Transfer Leads To Available Agents

Ensure prospects can always connect with an agent. Meera automates live transfers by sending reminders for upcoming calls, dials the prospect, and transfers them to an agent.

Build trust and credibility

Build trust and credibility
with branded caller ID

Do most of your calls go unanswered? Meera helps you build trust and credibility with potential customers by displaying your company’s name in outgoing calls.

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Create A Seamless Customer Experience

Meera helps create a positive customer experience by eliminating long waits, accidental hang-ups, and other challenges.

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Give Your
Customers More Control

Keeps leads warm, engaged, and in control. Meera lets your customers book the exact time they want to be called.

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Improve Availability
Without Higher Costs

Meera lowers your labor costs by automatically booking and transferring customers to human agents at the perfect time.

Key features of Meera’s live call transfers

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Upcoming Call

Meera sends reminders to a lead 10 minutes before the call to make sure they’re ready.

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Caller Id

Boost your connect rates and build trust with customers by adding your company name to caller ID.

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Meera syncs with your CRM and agent’s calendars to always know who’s available for a live transfer.

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Meera allows prospects to cancel or reschedule a booked call through text messaging.

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Meera can dial all available agents at once to ensure someone’s always ready to take the call.

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No Show

Meera will try to call no shows twice before sending a friendly reminder text to rebook the call

Get more prospects on the phone with automated live transfers

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You Don’t Always Know When Customers Need That Human Touch

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There is no easy way to gauge when your customers are ready to talk with a human agent.


Long waits, accidental hang-ups, and complex IVR menus hurt your customer experience.

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Decreasing budgets and staffing issues makes it hard for your agents to be available.

Support Your Customers On Their Terms

Give your customers the freedom to engage, troubleshoot,
and request support when they need it most.

Meet Your Customers Wherever They Are

Create a seamless process for handing warm opportunities over to your human agents. Meera uses conversational AI to engage, nurture, and support your customers — and will loop an agent in at the right time.

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Decrease Costs & Stay Available

Never worry about decreasing customer satisfaction and increasing costs. Meera becomes your initial touchpoint for basic customer interactions, improving agent availability and ensuring they stay focused on other impactful tasks.

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Improve the Efficiency & Quality of Every Contact

Are your agents spending too much time on the phone? Meera helps you increase the efficiency and quality of agent interactions by automating the busy work and providing your customers with meaningful support early on.

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Bridge the Gap Between Digital Workers and Human Agents


Create a Winning Customer Experience

AI texting makes it easy for customers to receive support by eliminating long waits, accidental hang-ups, and other technical difficulties from the support process.


Give Your Customer More Control

Keep leads warm and engaged. Meera uses conversational AI to support your customers and allows them to choose when to speak to an agent.


Improve Support Without Increasing Labor

Provide high quality support without increasing your costs. Meera lowers your labor costs by connecting customers with human agents at the perfect time.