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Why Conversational AI Beats SMS Marketing for Lead Engagement

Receiving too many replies from your SMS marketing campaigns? Scale your SMS outreach and nurture more leads with conversational AI.


What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI adds that human touch to every text message sent. Instantly engage new leads, automate follow-up responses, and provide your customers with always 24/7 customer service that's personalized and understands your brand.


Instantly text new leads seconds after opt-in


Nurtures leads until their ready to speak to a rep


Automatically books a meeting and handles the warm transfer

Comparing Conversational AI and SMS Marketing

Open Rate
Open Rate
Inquiry Response Time
Inquiry Response Time
Message Consistency
Tracking And Visibility
Tracking And Visibility
SMS Marketing

Teams have to track and respond to incoming messages manually

High: ~98%

Low, and varies based on staff availability

Low: Volume limited by admissions team time

Very high for one-on-one conversations, but limited by cut-and-paste messages

Difficult to quantify, depends on time spent

Diffuse manual efforts make ROI difficult to calculate

Difficult to enforce; requires training and manual message auditing

Messages are typically scattered and siloed

Conversational AI

Responds for you, automatically

High: ~98%

Responds in near-real time, for instant engagement

Very high: Messages can be sent to every single contact, with no additional human time

Extremely high, thanks to always-personalized messages

Low, fixed cost per month

Increases with the number of contacts reached via AI conversations

Ensured by pre-determined, updatable text options reviewable by your team

Every message is trackable for ongoing insights and follow-up

Use Conversational AI to Eliminate 80% of Your Team's Busy Work

Without Conversational AI

Staffing turnover and hiring pains means high stress and low contact rates
Lead follow-ups build up or become abandoned
Outbound calls go unanswered
Conversions need a lift
Call center costs have skyrocketed
Uncontracted inquiries pile up while new ones stream in

With Conversational AI

warmer leads
AI fills in for any number of reps, boosts morale, and creates more warmer leads
Automate Follow Up
Automate responses using highly visible and engaging channels
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Connect, communicate, and follow-up with more leads
Boost your conversions using human-like engagement
Reduce call center expenses by over 70%
Re-engage older leads without compromising new opt-ins

Do Your Sales Teams Need an AI-Powered Assistant to Help:


Instantly engage with new leads?


Schedule (or reschedule) appointments?

reply (1)

Nurture and follow-up with existing leads?

transfer (1)

Seamlessly hand-off text conversations to an agent?

See how Compass Insurance automated the entire policy renewal cycle with AI texting

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Ai texting 101

How to build a text messaging system that automates your sales outreach

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