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Meera Works As Your Virtual Agent On Five9

We monitor your Five9 call dispositions and automatically texts customers or leads based on the criteria you set.

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Our Mission

Meera is on a mission to combat aggressive outreach tactics that annoy customers — like aggressive emails or cold calls — by providing affordable conversational text messaging.

Meera doesn’t send irritating text message ‘blasts’ like other SMS platforms. Instead, it uses a combination of AI and natural language processing to understand the best way to connect with people. So you can impress more customers and win more business.

Meera syncs with call dispositions within Five9 to deliver the right message at the right time — so you can provide a smoother customer experience.

How Meera Will Work With Five9 ?

Call Hang Ups Are Now Not A Problem With Meera

For example, let’s say a customer calls your support line but hangs up after waiting an hour to speak to someone.

Meera will automatically text that customer, apologize for the wait and ask them what time they would be available to chat. Then Meera schedules the call with an agent.

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Automate Pre-lead Qualification

Or let’s say , one of the contact center agents hasn’t been able to get a qualified lead on the phone. Rather than waste time with constant follow-up calls, they can ask Meera to send follow-up texts instead.

These messages help the lead understand the value of speaking to your agent. Then Meera can transfer the conversation to a member of your team when the time is right.

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With Meera

Meera uses natural language processing to understand incoming texts, so it works just like a virtual agent.

Automate Tedious Outreach Tasks

Free up your team and reduce costs by automating tedious outreach tasks. Ask Meera to follow up with sales leads, respond to demo requests, remind customers about their overdue accounts, and more.


Boost Your Contact Rates By Upto 40%

Boost your connect rate by up to 40% with messages that feel natural — not forced. Meera’s automated texts are optimized using artificial intelligence and tested SMS best practices. So every message sounds human and helpful.

Wait Times

Delight Customers Fed Up With Wait Times

Delight your customers by letting them choose when and how they connect with you. Meera understands incoming texts and can schedule call times that work best for them.

Features & Benefits

Meera works like a virtual agent. It monitors your Five9 call dispositions and automatically texts customers or leads based on the criteria you set.

Meera Can

Schedule appointments
Schedule appointments,
Answer questions
Answer questions
Transfer warm leads to an agent and perform other tasks.


More scheduled calls
More scheduled calls and closed deals with less effort.
Increased in connect rate by up to 40% with messages that feel natural — not forced.
funnel communication
Increased top-of-the-funnel communication
Reduced Costs
Reduced Costs & Employee Turnover
Better CX
Better CX

Some Challenges And Meera’s Solution

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Low contact rates (1) (2)
User Hang up (2)
Voicemail (1) (2)