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Reduce costs and improve customer experiences with automated text messaging that mimics real-life conversations.

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Meera Handles The Tedious Sales And Support Tasks That Drain Your Team’s Time

  • Renew Policies
  • Quote Followup
  • Speed to Lead
  • Schedule Appointments
  • Collect Documents
  • Loop in Human Agents

Put Policy Renewals On Autopilot

Automate renewals with scheduled reminders and self-service links for making required plan changes, verifying information, and providing consent.

Renew Policies

Follow Up On Policy Quotes

Automatically follow up with customers after sending a quote. Meera checks in with a prospect, answering any questions they may have.

Quote Follow Up

Instantly Respond To New Leads

Boost the chance of a new lead becoming an opportunity. Leads are instantly engaged by Meera within 15 seconds of opting in.

Speed to Lead

Appointment Scheduling 

Let customers automatically book, reschedule, and cancel meetings through SMS conversations with Meera.

Document Collection

Collect Documents Automatically

Allow customers to send documents using secure SMS to simplify the document collection process. 

Document Collection-1

Connect Customers to Reps Seamlessly

Meera provides high quality support by answering customer questions and warm transferring them to a support agent for more complex scenarios.

Loop in Human Agents

See how TrueCoverage Simplified Renewals With Conversational AI

Top insurance agencies rely on Meera to engage and nurture leads, book meetings, and create new opportunities. 

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Keep Your Agents Focused On Creating Policies — Not Paperwork

Free up your agents to focus on more important tasks by automating lead engagement, back-and-forth
communications, and simple customer interactions with AI texting.

  • Automate lead engagement, follow up emails, and common customer communications
  • Warm transfer a customer to an agent at the perfect time
  • Streamline policy renewals, document collection, customer consent, and other tasks in your workflows.
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Support Your Customers
Wherever They Are

Give your customers the support they need wherever they are in the customer journey. AI texting ensures your customers always have access to best-in-class customer support.

  • Boost customer satisfaction by providing instant responses to any questions or concerns a customer may have
  • Provide self-service options for your customers to renew policies, send documents, and book a meeting with an agent
  • Handle most customer interactions with conversational AI that deeply understands your company and its products and services

Our AI Experts Get You up and Running Within 3 Business Days

Here’s a quick breakdown of our process and how easy we make AI texting to deploy.

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Campaign Design & Consultation
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Industry & Use Case Mapping
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Workflow Integration
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Team Onboarding & Training
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Why Insurance Agencies Choose Meera for Sales Automation


Lead Engagement & Nurturing


Live Call

Integrates with Popular Applications

Integrates with Popular Applications

Appointment Scheduling

Appointment Scheduling



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