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How It Works

Campaign Design & Consultation


Campaign Design & Consultation

It all starts with setting up your campaign
and meeting with one of our AI experts to
teach Meera about your company.

A Lead Opts In


A Lead Opts In…

Meera syncs with your CRM and knows when a lead requests a meeting or makes an inquiry.

And Is Contacted By Meera Within 15 Seconds


And Is Contacted By Meera Within 15 Seconds

Meera texts the lead immediately with information on what steps they should take.

Lead Is Qualified & Engaged


Lead Is Qualified & Engaged

Meera continues to engage with the lead, qualifying it and keeping it warm.

Questions Get Answered


Questions Get Answered

Meera uses conversational AI to understand the intent behind text replies and questions. That way, it can deliver a helpful (and human-sounding) response.


Schedules A Meeting

Meera checks the availability of your agents and helps the lead book a meeting.

Schedules A Meeting


Live Transfers To An Agent

Meera knows which agents are available and can initiate and connect the lead with an agent.

Live Transfers To An Agent

Meera Works Like An SDR Who Never Sleeps

  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Warm Call Transfers
  • Lead Engagement
  • Event Management

Automated Appointment Scheduling

The automated appointment scheduler uses text messages to book, reschedule, and cancel meetings for your agents.

Group 12593@2x
Books Meetings for You

Meera contacts prospects and sends a meeting link using SMS. Prospects can talk to Meera to book, reschedule, and cancel a meeting. Any custom details will be added to the calendar invite.

Group 12595@2x
Send Automated Reminders

Improve the chances of prospects showing up. Customize your follow-up and reminder cadences to keep prospects aware of upcoming calls.

Group 12594@2x
Start a Warm Transfer

When it’s time to meet, Meera will reach out to your prospect and warm transfer them to an available agent or reschedule the call if needed.

Group 12596@2x
Sync Multiple Calendars

Meera syncs with up to six calendars at once to always know which agents are available to help a prospect when they need it most.

Seamless Warm Transfers

Boost user engagement and nurture more leads by automating warm transfers for complex inquiries to a human agent.

Calls Booked Leads

Meera handles the entire warm transfer process for you by calling a customer and connecting them to an available agent.

Customizable Transfer Settings

Easily configure the flow of your calls. Meera can warm transfer calls to a randomized agent or all available agents.

Sends Follow-Ups and Reminders

Meera handles any follow-ups leading up to a meeting and sends a simple reminder 10 minutes before the scheduled call.

Customizable Cadences

Meera uses voice intelligence from call interactions to adjust follow-up cadences and messaging to better resonate with prospects.

AI-Powered Lead Engagement

Qualify, engage, and nurture more leads with a conversational AI that understands the ins and outs of your business.

Make Meaningful Connections

Engage leads in friendly conversations, follow-ups, and predefined actions for specific steps in your conversation flows.

Quality leads
Collect Data & Qualify Leads

Meera collects important information from your leads and qualifies them based on defined use cases.

Boost Speed to Lead

Boost your speed to lead and create more opportunities by reaching new leads within that critical 15-second window.

Control the Conversation

Simplify chat management with visual flow charts, smart conditions, and chat customizations based on collected data.

Scalable Event Management

AI texting eliminates the busywork by handling the RSVPs, post-event follow-ups, and other interactions.

Collect More RSVPs

Meera eliminates the need for calls and manual outreach by sending personalized RSVPs to your customers.

Automated Follow-Ups

Fully customize your follow-up cadences. Meera will engage and nurture guests post-event.

Customizable Reminders

Boost attendance for your event by letting Meera send personalized reminders to your guests.

Deep Insights and Reporting

Access real-time reports covering your guest lists, SMS confirmations, and other event details.

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