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Improve customer satisfaction and eliminate phone tag by adding automated text messaging to your call center.

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It’s Harder Than Ever To Connect With People By Phone

87% of Americans say they refuse to answer calls unless they can identify who is calling, according to a recent survey.

Meera Boosts Your Connect Rate By Up To 40%.

It syncs with your call center software to send the right text message, at the right time.

Without Meera

Agents waste time on tedious tasks, like following up with hard-to-reach leads
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Customers get frustrated by long wait times for phone support
Prospects ignore most of your calls because they don’t recognize the number

With Meera

Outreach and follow-up tasks are automated via text, so your agents are freed up..
basic questions
Customers get their basic questions answered instantly by automated text.
Your connect rate skyrockets because text messages have an average open rate of 94%.

Relieve The Stress And Pressure On Your Contact Center Agents

Meera uses natural language processing to understand incoming texts, so it works just like a virtual agent.

Automate Follow Up

Automate Follow Up & Lead Nurturing

Ask Meera to send follow-up texts to engage leads until they are ready to speak to an agent. Meera will hand-off the conversation to a team member when the time is right.

Reduce No-Shows

Reduce No-Shows For Appointments

Appointment reminders are sent out automatically to reduce no-shows and save your agents time. If anyone needs to reschedule, they can send a text and Meera will make it happen.

Delight Customers

Delight Customers Fed Up With Wait Times

When customers hang up after waiting on hold for too long, Meera will text them and ask to book an appointment. Then it schedules the call with your agent.

Build Automations

Build Automations Based On Your Data

Automate the entire appointment scheduling process. Meera allows customers to pick a meeting time that works best for them without the back-and-forth emails.

Schedule Meetings

Schedule Meetings In Half The Time

Meera syncs with your team’s calendars to automate the entire appointment scheduling process. Customers simply have to pick a time that works best for them.

Eliminate Phone Tag

Eliminate Phone Tag & Busywork

Calls constantly going to voicemail? Tell Meera to automatically follow up with hard-to-reach prospects by text instea.


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Meera Partners With Five9

Meera syncs with call dispositions within Five9 to deliver the right message at the right time — so you can provide a smoother customer experience.