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Just A Few Brands That Use Meera

It’s Getting Tougher To Nurture Leads With Email Alone

Group 11750

Average email open rates are at just 21% — and they continue to drop


Mass emails feel impersonal and get missed in the inbox clutter

Group 11752

Aging leads can become forgotten or abandoned leads

Get The Engagement That Email Can’t,
With Fast, Personalized Texts

Meera gives your agents the power of human-feeling messaging, and the ability to
reach far more contacts via text than they could manually.

Don’t Get Dragged
Down By Busywork

You know it happens: A day (or week!) gets busier than expected, and people who should be your contacts go unanswered. With Meera, no matter how busy your team, no customer gets the silent treatment.

Group 11746@2x

Leave Robotic Communication For The Movies

Messages from Meera sound natural, because they’ve been long optimized and tested over the course of tens of thousands of conversations.  

Group 11753@2x

Cultivate Conversations, Now Or Later

Meera doesn’t put your contacts on the spot the way cold calling does. You want to meet with real people, at the time that works best for you, and Meera lets you make the transition to a call (scheduled, or Right Now) smoothly.

Group 11748@2x

Reach More People. Faster. Automatically.


Use SMS to Up Your Connect Rate By 40%

Meera conversations mean no manual calling or emailing. Your messaging goes out, consistently – over the only channel with a 95%+ open rate.


Don’t Wait Until You’re a “Who?”

When a contact enters your system, Meera sends a friendly text in just 10-15 seconds, and nurtures the conversation until it’s the right time for a one-on-one call.


Automate Tasks, and Save People Time

Meera knows when a prospect says they want a call – and can sense when it’s time for one based on their questions and activity.

With Meera, leads can schedule their own appointments, for no-wait conversations.