30 Event Reminder Text Message Samples to Automate Event Outreach

30 Event Reminder Text Message Samples to Automate Event Outreach
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The most successful events all have one thing in common — promotion. Whether you're hosting a trade show, fundraiser, workshop or conference, an effective communication program ensures more people are aware of it. More importantly, ongoing communication improves attendee engagement and satisfaction. 

As for why you should use text and not solely email? A 2019 survey, text messages have an open rate roughly six times higher than promotional emails. The overall open rate of text messages is close to 100 percent, and 90 percent of consumers read a text within 30 minutes of its arrival. 

Another survey from 2022 saw 96 percent of respondents express willingness to receive at least one promotional text per week. It's very likely that the data from both surveys remains relevant today, particularly in light of the rapid digital transformation brought on by COVID-19. 

All this is to say that if you're looking for a channel through which to promote an upcoming event, SMS is an excellent choice. Let's go over what your event reminders need to cover before sharing a few customizable templates geared to different types of events. 


What Information Should an Event Reminder SMS Include?

The content of an event reminder text generally depends on when you send it. Generally speaking, however, they should at minimum provide the recipient's name, a brief description of the event that conveys its purpose, and the date, time, and location where the event will be hosted. 

If you're sending the reminder prior to registration as part of a marketing blast, you will want to include details on how the recipient can RSVP, and the deadline for doing so. You may also want to include information on speakers, keynotes, and facilities at the event that the recipient may find relevant. If you're sending the reminder to registered attendees, include any details they'll need to know in order to access the event. 

You might also include a link to a page with more information, such as an online registration form.

For keynote speakers and special guests, the reminders are a bit different. You'll need to include the speaker's name, the date and time of the conference, and the date and time of any panels or engagements, and details on when they should arrive. 

Event Reminder Text Message Samples

Open Houses

These templates can be used in two ways. For educational institutions, they can invite students and/or parents to view the school's facilities and amenities. For realtors, they can bring in prospective buyers to look at a property that just came onto the market, but more commonly are used to follow-up with people who recently toured one. 

Hi [FirstName], [AgentName] here with [CompanyName]. We look forward to seeing you at our Open House tomorrow at [Time]!  The event will be located at [EventVenue]

Hey [Firstname], it's [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. We're so excited to meet with you today for our Open House! The event starts at [Time] and is located at [EventVenue]

Hey there! This is [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. Just checking in to see if you're still interested in [Service] after yesterday's open house. Let me know! 

Hey [FirstName], this is [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. You're invited to our Open House Event on [Date] from [StartTime] to [EndTime]. There will be [Services] there for you. Would you like to attend? 

Please RSVP with a YES or a NO. 

Don't forget! You have an Open House coming up at [EventVenue] at [Time] tomorrow! We look forward to seeing you there! 

Hello [FirstName]. This is [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. We'd love to invite you to our open house on [Date] from [StartTime] to [EndTime] at [EventVenue]. Are you interested in attending?

Please RSVP with a YES or a NO. 

Conferences, Trade Shows, and Conventions

These templates are intended to be used for the following large industry events:

  • Trade shows and exhibitions, which give vendors the opportunity to show off new products and technologies. 
  • Conferences, which are primarily about education and the exchange of information.
  • Conventions, which are similar to conferences, save that attendees are all members of the same group, trade organization, or community. 

Save the date, [FirstName]! [EventName] this year will be hosted from [StartDate] to [EndDate] at [EventVenue]. Get your tickets here: [Link]

Hey [FirstName]! This year's [EventName] will feature the latest and greatest innovations in the [Industry] sector. We'll be hosting it from [StartDate] to [EndDate] at [EventVenue]. Tickets are available here: [Link]

Ready to attend [EventName]? The [EventType] starts [Time] today at [EventVenue]. Check-in at [EventLocation] for your badge! 

Are you ready for this year's [EventName]? We'll have special guests including [GuestName] and [GuestName2] as well as presentations on [Topic]. 

Learn more or get your tickets here: [Link]

Today's the day! Check-in starts [Time] at [Location] in [EventVenue]. Looking forward to seeing you there!  

Hey, [FirstName]! Just reaching out to remind you that [EventName] starts in just one week. Download the full agenda here: [Link]

Workshops and Webinars

The templates below are geared toward workshops, company-hosted events focused on education and professional development. They're typically much smaller than conventions. Additionally, more and more workshops are being hosted online in the form of live or on-demand webinars. 

Hey [FirstName]. This is [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. Just a reminder that we're hosting our workshop on [Topic] at [EventVenue] on [Time] [Date]. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Hi [FirstName]. You've got a workshop coming up with [ExpertName] on [Date] at [Time]. If you're joining remotely, you can use this link: [Link]

Hi [FirstName], just a reminder that you've registered to attend our webinar on [Topic] at [Time] [Date]. You can join here: [Link] 

Greetings [FirstName]. Just a reminder that [CompanyName]'s upcoming workshop on [Topic] will be hosted at [Location] on [Date] at [Time]. We'll see you there. 

Hello [FirstName]! Thanks for registering for [CompanyName]'s workshop on [Topic]! We'll be hosting the event across [Number] sessions, starting on [Time] [Date] at [EventVenue]. Looking forward to seeing you there! 

Hello, [FirstName]. This is [AgentName] with [CompanyName]. You recently RSVP'd to attend our workshop, [EventName]. We'll be hosting it at [EventVenue] on [Date]. The workshop will start at [Time]. 

We hope to see you there. 

Award Ceremonies, Celebrations, Galas and Retreats

Recognize achievement, commemorate a special occasion, or celebrate a milestone with the templates below. 

Greetings [FirstName]. The [Year] [EventName] will be hosted today at [Time]. Join us at [EventVenue] as we recognize the best and brightest from [CompanyName]. 

Don't forget! We'll be celebrating [Occasion] this week! Come to [EventVenue] on [Date] at [Time] to join the festivities! 

We hope to see you there, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask! 

Hello, [FirstName]. Just reaching out to let you know that we'll be hosting [EventName] tonight at [EventVenue]. Doors open at [Time]. This year's winners will receive [Prize]. 

Save the date! [CompanyName]'s [EventName] is on [Date] at [Time]. Remember to RSVP by [Deadline], and we'll see you at [EventVenue]! 

This year, from [StartDate] to [EndDate], join us at [EventVenue] for a celebration of [Occasion]. Let me know if you need additional details, otherwise you can find more information about the event here: [Link] 

Hi, [FirstName]. It's almost time for our annual retreat. Just a friendly reminder to register for [EventName] by [Deadline]. This year, we'll be hosting at [EventVenue] from [StartDate] to [EndDate]. 

Charities and Fundraisers

The templates here will help your organization bring in volunteers and drum up support amongst donors during its next fundraiser. 

Good morning, [FirstName]. Just a reminder that [CompanyName] is hosting our fundraiser, [EventName] tonight starting at [Time]. Here are directions to [EventVenue]: [Link] 

Hey [FirstName]! Just letting you know that [CompanyName] is hosting our fundraising event tonight at [EventVenue]. Doors open at [Time]. 

Hello, [FirstName]. [EventName] starts [Time] today at [EventVenue]. Volunteers can check-in at [Location], and are encouraged to arrive half an hour early. 

Hey there, [FirstName]. This is [AgentName] at [CompanyName] reaching out to let you know that we'll be hosting a fundraising drive starting this week for [Cause]. You can find more information on the event and how to donate here: [Link]

Greetings, [FirstName]. [CompanyName] will be hosting a fundraiser tomorrow starting [Time] at [EventVenue]. More information can be found here: [Link]

Raise money for [EventName] this week at [EventVenue]. [CompanyName] will be accepting donations every day from [StartTime] to [EndTime]. 

Feel free to ask me if you have any questions! You can also find more information here: [Link]

Use AI Texting to Get the Word Out for Your Events

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