25 Quick Response Text Message Samples for Your Business

25 Quick Response Text Message Samples for Your Business
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Quick response text messages, sometimes known as auto-reply messages or auto-reply texts, are a predefined reply typically sent to customers based on a keyword or trigger. 

In addition to providing people with information about your business, quick response texts help to facilitate communication between your business and leads, customers, or partners. They can also improve the customer support experience through self-service options. 

So, how can you start using them for your business? In this post, we’ll provide you with 25 quick response text message samples you can start using today.

Why Should You Use Automatic Responses? 

Quick response texts are valuable to your business for a few reasons.

First, they allow you to set expectations, providing information about everything from business hours to upcoming promotions. This transparency also helps to improve engagement, keeping people in the loop and assuring them they aren't being ignored. Additionally, automatic responses greatly reduce the chance of mistakes when responding to inquiries. 

Quick response messages can also save you a great deal of time. Instead of manually responding to each customer inquiry or request, you can simply automate the process. This allows you and your team to focus time and attention on other areas of your business, saving energy for the most important customer interactions. 

Best Practices for Quick Response Messages

When crafting templates for your quick response texts, keep the following in mind: 

  • If you're sending texts rather than messages, it's usually better to use SMS as opposed to MMS, as the latter generally requires a cellular data connection.
  • If you include links in your auto-responses, avoid using URL shorteners. Some carriers may flag links from sites such as bit.ly as spam.
  • While some of the templates below can be used verbatim, we recommend tweaking them so they reflect the language, personality, and tone of your brand. 
  • Only provide relevant information in your responses. Someone asking for information on a specific service, for instance, likely won't want to immediately receive information about your other services at the same time. 
  • Keep your responses as concise as possible. 

Receipt Acknowledgement Quick Response Samples

Business Hours  

Thanks for reaching out to [BusinessName]. We've received your message, and will get back to you within [Time]. 

After Hours  

Thank you for contacting [BusinessName]. Our offices are currently closed. Our regular business hours are [Date][Time] to [Date][Time] from [Day] to [Day]. We'll get back to you within [Number] business days.

Out of Office 

Thank you for reaching out to [Name] at [BusinessName]. I'm currently out of the office. I'll be back at [Date][Time] and will respond to your message then. If this is an urgent matter, Feel free to reach out to [Colleague] at [Contact Information]. 


Closure Notification

Please note that starting [Date], our business will be closed for [Holiday]. We will reopen on [Date] at [Time]. 

Message Received

Thanks for reaching out! Our team is currently away from the holidays, returning on [Date]. If your request is urgent, you can reach [Name] at [Number]

Job Application 

Thanks for submitting an application for [Position]! This is [AgentName] from [BusinessName] letting you know your application has been received. If you're a good fit for the position, we'll reach out to you within [Number] days.


Quick Response Samples for Outreach and Lead Nurturing

Fresh Leads

Hi [FirstName], this is [AgentName] from [BusinessName]. Thank you for your interest in [Service]. FYI, this service allows for [SellingPoint]. Give us a call at [Number], and we can go over your options.  

New Customer

Hey there, [FirstName], this is [AgentName] from [BusinessName]. Thank you so much for your [Interest/Purchase/Call]. If you need help with anything, feel free to reply to this text. I'll be happy to answer any questions you might have about [Working/Shopping] with us. 

You can also contact us at [Number]. Thank you for being a valued customer! 

Thank You 

Hello [FirstName]. Thanks for choosing [BusinessName] for [Service]. We look forward to working with you!  

Aged Leads

Hey, [FirstName]. Just following up because we haven't heard back from you about [Service.]  If you're still interested, feel free to call us anytime from [Time] to [Time] [Day] to [Day]. If you [Purchase/Sign Up] on or before [Date], you'll also receive [Offer/Discount]!  

Service Inquiry

Hey there, [FirstName]! This is [AgentName] with [BusinessName]. Thanks for your interest in our services! I'd like to set aside some time to chat about what you're looking for — please indicate your availability on the following calendar link: [LINK]


Quick Response Samples for Registrations and Subscriptions

Newsletter Opt-In 

Hey, [Name]! Thanks for your interest in our newsletter, [NewsletterName]. Just reaching out to confirm your subscription — you can do so by clicking this link: [LINK]. If you're no longer interested or think you received this message in error, you can safely disregard it. 

Promotional Messages Opt-In

Hello [Name]. You recently agreed to receive promotional messages about [Topic/Service/Product] from [BusinessName]. Please confirm that you still wish to receive these messages by typing "Y" or opt-out by typing "N."  

Event Registration

Physical Event

Greetings, [Name]. You're now registered for [Event] at [Time] [Date.] We'll be hosting the event at [Location.] Let me know if you need directions to the venue or if you have any other questions about the event. 


Hello [Name], just letting you know that you're now registered for our webinar, [Webinar] at [Date] [Time]. We look forward to seeing you there — you can join via the following link: [Link]

Don't forget to set a reminder on your calendar!  

Purchase Confirmation

Thanks for opting in to receive updates about your recent order of [Item], [Name]. We'll keep you posted about the order's shipping and delivery status. You can opt-out of these alerts at any time by typing STOP. 

Contest Entry

You're now officially entered into [Contest], [Name.] We'll reach out to the winners on [Date] [Time] with more information. Good luck! 


Quick Response Samples for Appointments and Scheduling

Appointment Booking

Hey [Name],

This is [AgentName] with [BusinessName]. We noticed you've been trying to reach us. If you'd like to schedule an appointment, I can help you with that. First, what service are you looking for? Please choose one of the following by typing it into the chat: [ServiceList]

Appointment Confirmation

Hello [Name], you're receiving this message to confirm your scheduled appointment with [BusinessName/AgentName] at [Time] [Date]. If you need to reschedule, you can simply type "R" into the chat or cancel by typing "C". You can also contact us at [Number]. 

Appointment Reminder

Hey [Name], 

Just reminding you that you have an appointment coming up with [BusinessName/AgentName] on [Date] at [Time]. If you need to reschedule, you can type"R" into the chat or cancel by typing "C." Please allow up to [Number] hours for cancellations.

Wait Confirmation

You've joined the waitlist for [BusinessName]. Your estimated wait time is [Number] minutes. We'll let you know when a table is ready. If you no longer need your table, you can reply with "CANCEL" at any time. 

Test Results

[BusinessName]: Your test results from [Date] [Time] are now available. You can sign in to your portal and view them here: [LINK]. If you have any questions or concerns, you can reply to this text or contact our office at [Number]. 


Customer Services and Support Quick Response Messages

Customer Support Confirmation

Hey [Name], thanks for reaching out. A member of our support time will be with you shortly. Your estimated wait time is [Number] minutes. 

After Hours Confirmation

Hey [Name]. We're sorry, but our offices are currently closed. Our regular hours are [Time] to [Time] from [Day] to [Day]. You can either contact us again during those hours, or we can reach out to you. Would you like to schedule a callback? 

High-Volume Notification

Hello [Name]. We're sorry, but due to high call volumes, we're a bit slower to respond than usual. Your current estimated wait time is [Number] minutes. Would you like to wait for a callback, or schedule time on a different day? 

Missed Call

From Customer

Sorry we missed you! Let's book an appointment to make sure that doesn't happen again. Is there a specific time and day that works for you?  

To Customer

Hello, [Name]. We've been trying to reach you. Is there a specific time and day we can contact you to get in touch? You can also call us at [Phone] from [Time] to [Time] [Day] to [Day]

Self-Service Support

Thanks for reaching out! Our customer support team will get back to you as soon as possible. In the meantime, please let me know if you have any questions that I can help you answer. 



Hello [Name]. We're sorry to hear that you're having issues accessing the property at [Location]. Please contact [BusinessName] directly at [Phone], and we'll get this sorted out. 

Purchase Reminder

Hey there, [Name]! Our records indicate that it's been [Time] since you last purchased [Product], and we're guessing you're running a bit low. Let's get an order through now so you don't run out. 


Renewal Reminder

Hello, [Name]. Just a reminder that you have an upcoming bill with [BusinessName]. The total comes to $[Number], due on [Date]. You can pay now through our online portal: [Link].


Use AI Texting for Effective Customer Communication

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