The Death of Cold Calling

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People Don’t Talk Anymore

The advent of smartphones and the introduction of a variety of text-based messaging platforms have transformed the way people communicate with one another. Even the so-called outdated SMS is making a comeback and is gradually gaining traction as an effective marketing tool. Today, there are 5 billion people with the accessibility to text messaging services. With the increase in the number of users, messaging rates have gone up by 7700% in the last decade. Now that the most preferred way of communication has changed and become more convenient, people do not want to buy stuff over a random call from a stranger. The communication ecosystem has become a closed-knit group of applications that most consumers use and consider safe.

The Rise of Anti-Spam Call Solutions

Automated and pre-recorded calls from companies have become a common occurrence that continues to disturb and disrupt the flow of daily lives. In 2018, the number of spam pre-recorded and automated calls grew 3X times to 85 billion. Besides causing nuisance, automated and spam calls have also become a tool to commit frauds and loot consumers. As a result, anti-spam call solutions and customer service text messaging solutions are now in great demand. Telecom operators, as well as companies specializing in the development of anti-spam call applications, are pushing their products to consumers. The abundance and free accessibility to these services have resulted in a total collapse of the efficacy of the cold calling services and techniques once offered.

The Introduction of Effective Alternatives

Technological advancements are transforming every aspect of businesses. The advent of novel lead generation and marketing techniques that leverage modern-day digital channels for interacting with prospects and consumers are proving increasingly effective, affordable, and profitable. Conversational AI, for instance, is being leveraged to engage and interact with customers through text-based messaging channels. Unlike pushy generalized sales pitches, the technology is based on deep-learning neural networks that are capable of comprehending text and responding empathetically to users mimicking human-like conversations. The non-intrusive, less time-consuming, and personalized nature of these novel techniques continue to gain traction in the marketing world and are slowly being adopted by the most orthodox of companies to remain relevant and profitable.

These factors have contributed significantly to the demise of cold calling. With the era of cold calling coming to an end, it’s time you transform your marketing practices to stay on top of the fiercely competitive market.

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