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Understanding Conversational AI. – The Future of Marketing

Photo illustration depicts a simple robot hovering above a human hand. Conversations represented by dots showing active typing are contained in bubbles around the robot.
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What is Conversational Marketing?

Conversational marketing is aimed at interacting and engaging with customers or prospects through one-to-one personalized conversations on their preferred time and channel of communication. It may sound intimidating but the phenomenal growth of artificial intelligence has provided a feasible solution to achieving the objective with high efficiency. Not only marketing, conversational AI is also capable of handling a myriad of business functions that can be used at every stage of the customer journey. In this article, we will focus on the power and benefits conversational marketing has to offer.

Principles of Conversational Marketing

Like most marketing strategies, conversational marketing is very customer-centric. The core principles behind conversational marketing are:


Hectic lifestyles and the presence of numerous distractions has significantly lessened the attention span of human beings. Quick replies and instant resolution to queries at the outset of a brand-consumer interaction is key to establishing a connection with leads or prospects. With real-time conversation at its core, conversational marketing aims to engage and interact with customers at timings of their preference. Through instant communication, consumers or prospects feel valued which positively influences their buying decisions.

Meaningful Conversations

Context is key to having meaningful conversations with customers and understanding their expectations. The modern consumer expects brands to take note of their confusion, queries, and problems and use the information to make further interactions better. A Conversational AI platform drives contextual conversations and collects consumer information to streamline further interactions. Besides improving customer experience, intelligent virtual assistants allow us to effectively capitalize on inbound marketing opportunities by overtaking engagement with customers.


With the average attention span of adults reduced to 8 seconds, interest-based conversations are pivotal to surviving in cut-throat marketplaces. Through personalized conversations, smart conversational AI texting tools specially designed for customer service smart AI texting tools strike a trustful relationship with prospects building the foundation for a long-term relationship.

Benefits of Conversational Marketing

With people spending over 6 hours online every day, the internet has become the new marketing battlefield with each brand vying for a position in the virtual space. Here is how conversational marketing is becoming increasingly effective in the brand-saturated space:

Provides Access to Consumer Psyche

A natural free-flowing conversation is the best way to get to know someone. With conversational AI assistants, you can gain valuable insights into customer expectations. The marketing approach is based on the principle of transparency and enables businesses to effectively collect information on prospects or leads. This data is crucial to determining customer interests, preferred channel, time, and nature of communications.

Helps with Lead Qualification

Conversational marketing is tailored to help businesses save time and costs by filtering out non-qualified leads. With conversational marketing, your sales team can focus on closing high quality leads only.

Improves Sales Funnel Efficiency

By integrating a smart conversational AI-powered assistant at each stage of the customer journey (awareness, interest, decision, action), you will shorten sales cycles and bolster sales funnel efficiency. The strategy engages and resolves prospect queries and doubts at each stage to build up trust and convert leads to customers.

Why is Conversational Marketing the Future?

Accelerating developments in artificial intelligence and data analytics are further contributing to making conversational marketing even more sophisticated and advanced. The evolution in technology has resulted in reduced customer attention spans and a crowded network. Conversational marketing and AI assistants are built to help brands and businesses cut through the noise and engage with customers in free-flowing open conversations to effectively capture their attention and information.

The methodology is built for the digital space and is designed to cater to every sector looking to scale its online marketing campaign. Businesses across sectors have already begun investing in conversational marketing with Gartner predicting 50% of enterprises to allocate an annual budget for the strategy. Conversational AI assistants expected to help companies save over USD$ 8 billion by 2022.

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