The Problem

The COVID-19 pandemic has tremendously changed how consumers go about their daily lives. It is expected that the pandemic may impact consumer behavior forever. Auto dealerships and manufacturers need to be up to the task of adapting to the situation. With consumer traveling restricted, dealerships are finding it hard to show vehicles. The trend may persist even after the pandemic and may emerge as the new normal. Technology thankfully has the answer to overcome the problem with virtual demos. The only problem that remains is to contact customers and set up appointments for demos. With a significant dip in email and cold calling contact rates, this has become difficult. Marketing teams are finding it hard to prompt leads to respond. As a result, there are chances dealerships may lose out on opportunities even with the virtual demo technology

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers dealerships with a solution to automate demo scheduling. The auto AI assistant engages leads using personalized messages via SMS. After capturing their attention, the AI assistant drives them to schedule an appointment for a virtual demo. By doing so, Meera replaces cold calling and emailing with texting. Further, the personalized nature of the messages prompt leads to respond and boosts contact rates. In this way, the AI assistant enables dealerships to deliver virtual demos of vehicles. In turn, this can help auto dealerships and manufacturers generate revenue.


Boosts Contact

Meera engages leads via a flexible communication channel in SMS. The auto AI assistant sends out personalized messages over the channel. Using these skills, it enhances response rates and schedules appointment. Further, Meera warms up leads before calls to ensure they are contactable

Enables Sales:

The auto AI assistant provides an effective solution to ensure continuous revenue inflow. It does so by enabling auto dealerships to deliver demos and use the opportunity to work the lead.

Automates Lead

Meera works on thousands of leads at scale simultaneously. The auto AI assistant engages and contacts the lead periodically. It uses their responses to analyze their interest. Using this technique, it passes on high-intent leads to sales teams. Meera nurtures the other leads until they are ready to be contacted. Through the process, it enhances sales funnel efficiencies and lead conversion rates.