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The Problem

Educational institutions continue to make significant investments in television and print advertisements. But these investments have not been able to bring back considerable returns. Colleges are still struggling in boosting enrollment rates. This is due to the colleges using calling as a medium to interact and engage with students. The majority of the target audience prefers texting over calling. In case, prospects do call they have to go through a series of steps before speaking to a representative. The wait and the lengthy procedure leave prospects frustrated. As a result, universities miss out on potential opportunities.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective way educational institutions can overcome the problem. The conversational AI serves as an automatic responder to engage interested prospects. It encourages prospects to contact by using flexible text messaging channels for communication. The AI assistant personalizes conversations over these channels and collects crucial information. It then passes it to the educational sales and marketing teams who use it to close out on leads. Besides this, Meera warms up leads for calls with admissions teams and facilitates communication.


Greater ROI on

Meera's extensive skill set meets prospect preferences and drives in quality inbound opportunities. This enables colleges to redeem greater ROI on print and media advertisement investments.

Generate Qualified

The AI assistant works on leads at scale and filters out non-qualified leads. Thus, Meera enables sales and marketing teams to focus on high-intent opportunities

Seamless Information

By personalizing every interaction, the conversational AI drives encourage leads to respond. In the process, Meera collects all the information required to effectively work on leads.

Boosts Workforce

Meera takes on the responsibility of working and engaging leads at scale. This frees marketing teams to strategize and closeout on high-intent leads.