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The Problem

Television and print media continue to remain lucrative channels for attracting prospects. Auto dealerships continue to invest in these channels to market themselves and generate leads. But the ROI on these investments has reduced in recent times. This is due to the lack of new-age engagement tools. Currently, auto dealerships promote calling and emailing to drive engagement through TV and print advertisements. But these channels fail to encourage engagement. This is due to a change in customer preferences. The modern-day customers expect to communicate with businesses using flexible communication channels. Besides this, both emailing and calling make prospects wait for a response. Longer wait times frustrate prospects and drive them away. As a result, lead generation through TV and print media has taken a hit.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides auto dealerships with a solution to overcome the problem. The auto AI assistant encourages engagement by enabling prospects to contact dealerships via SMS and WhatsApp. Meera’s API-based technology enables it to be integrated into print ads as QR codes. When integrated with promotions, the AI assistant serves as a prospect service tool and addresses their queries. This drives prospects to engage with the conversational AI. In the process, auto dealerships acquire their contact details and a lead is generated. Besides this, the AI-powered auto assistant nurtures leads and warms them up for calls. Using these skills, Meera aids auto dealerships in generating higher ROI on print and TV ads.


Boosts Lead Generation

The AI assistant offers to resolve prospect queries as a reward for interacting with the ads. Through the process, Meera drives interested prospects to engage with dealership advertisements. In this way, the auto AI assistant enhances lead generation rates.

Automates Requirement Collection

Meera uses personalized conversations to boost response rates. The AI assistant uses these interactions to collate prospect requirements and passes it onto the sales teams. This way, Meera enables sales teams to work lead better and aids in enhancing lead conversion rates.

Enhances Marketing Plan Efficacies

Meera allows dealerships to monitor engagement in real-time. By doing so, the AI assistant provides them valuable insights into prospect behavior. This aids marketing teams in devising new and effective marketing plans.