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Automate Lead Generation (Inbound texts & calls) Using Meera

Increase your conversion rates by leveraging TV & Print mediums to receive inbound texts, collect lead info to generate a lead, and drive inbound calls to the agents. 

The Problem

Television and print advertisements are effective mediums for catching prospects’ attention. Insurance companies continue to invest in these mediums for lead generation. But most companies are struggling to engage and capitalize on the interest they generate through these mediums. This is due to the ways companies communicate with prospects. Currently, insurance companies advertise email addresses and phone numbers in their advertisements. But prospects, today, expect companies to use more flexible modes of communication. As a result, the number of inbound opportunities created by advertisements has declined in recent times. Even in case, the tactic works out, prospects are likely to be frustrated waiting for someone to answer their call or reply to their emails. Due to the problem companies are registering low ROI on print and TV advertisements.

The Solution

Convenience, quick engagement, and flexible communication are the key to successfully engaging leads. Meera conversational AI offers a unique and effective way for companies to do so. The AI assistant allows insurance companies to replace calling and emailing with text messaging. By enabling communication through WhatsApp and SMS, Meera encourages interested prospects to contact. Further, it instantly engages them using human-like conversations and prevents any downtime. Besides this, the insurance AI assistant provides quick answers to FAQs and collects data on exceptional queries. In the process, Meera builds an instant rapport with prospects and boosts lead conversion rates.


Engage Leads in Real-time

With the AI assistant, insurance companies can engage leads in real-time. Besides this, Meera helps companies create a stunning first impression. T which improves the probability of a lead converting.

Generate Greater ROI on Advertisements

Meera enables insurance companies to engage inbound leads via highly-preferrable text messaging channels. This enables companies to maximize profits from advertisement investments.

Automated Lead Nurturing

The insurance AI assistant nurtures inbound leads at scale. When the lead is ready, it warms them up for calls with sales representatives. Using these skills, Meera boosts contact rates and enhances sales funnel efficiencies.

Boosts Workforce Efficiency

Meera automates data collection on prospects and passes it on to the sales teams. The information aids sales teams in working on leads and improves the probability of conversion. This enhances workforce efficiency and boosts their morale.

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