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The Problem

Auto dealers are struggling to keep up sales through on-demand doorstep driving test offers using emails and cold-calling due to the following reasons.

  • SMS open and response rates as high as 98% and 45%, respectively, correspond to 20% and 6% for email.
  • SMS response rates are 295% higher than phone call response rates.
  • Users prefer SMS over email and inbound calls.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution to combat the problem. The auto AI assistant enables dealerships to automate on-demand test driving scheduling. It does so by engaging leads via WhatsApp and SMS. The AI assistant uses personalized messages to capture a lead’s attention. It uses the element of personalization to prompt leads to respond. Using these skills, the AI assistant enables dealerships to bring on-demand test drives to leads’ doorsteps. Besides this, Meera also sends out a reminder before the test drive to ensure the lead is available for the appointment.


Enables Sales

Test drives are an integral part of the vehicle selling process. By simplifying test drive scheduling, the AI-powered auto chatbot enables dealerships to move leads closer to the buying phase. In this way, Meera aids dealerships in continuing sales during the times of COVID-19.

Enhances Prospect Experience

Meera automates lead engagement via flexible communication channels. The AI assistant uses conversations to enable leads to schedule test drives. In the process, it improves prospect experiences and boosts the probability of a lead converting.

Cuts Down on Costs

Meera automates test drive scheduling. By doing so, the AI assistant eliminates cold calling and emailing. This enables auto dealerships in saving big on phone bills.