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The Problem

Prospects can cancel applications due to a lot of reasons. Some of the common reasons include lack of scholarship or unavailability of courses. Communication gaps can also drive applicants to cancel admissions. Surveying prospects is a great way of identifying such shortcomings in the process. By identifying and resolving these issues universities can enhance enrolment and registration rates. But, collecting feedback from uninterested prospects poses a big challenge. Traditional ways of collecting feedback through email or calls have become ineffective. This is due to a change in communication preferences and the extensive usage of anti-spamming software. Even when prospects are contactable, the feedback collected fails to capture the problems. As a result, colleges struggle to improve processes that can enhance enrolment rates

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides colleges a solution to automate the collection of surveys. The AI assistant collects feedback through flexible and highly-preferred text messaging channels. Meera contacts prospects on WhatsApp and SMS with personalized messages. It then uses natural conversations to collect feedback. The personalized nature of these conversations drives prospects to provide honest feedback. Using these skills, Meera increases survey response rates and automates effective feedback collection.


Automates Feedback Collection and Documentation:

Using its skills, Meera automates honest feedback collection and documentation. By doing so, it frees marketing teams to focus on closing on high-intent leads.

Boosts Response

Meera adds a layer of personalization to the surveys and prompts natural responses. This enables educational institutions in collecting honest feedback from prospects.

Enables Dynamic

The AI assistant enables colleges to collect efficient and honest feedback. This enables admissions teams to plan on-the-go and adjust to prospects' expectations.