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The Problem

Declining student retention rates are a big problem for educational institutions and universities. Approximately, one-third of the students drop out of college every year in the US. The remaining students get a transfer to a different college or university. There are a lot of things that drive students to drop out or switch colleges. De-motivating environment and lack of student support are some of the reasons students drop out of colleges. Acting on these problems can help colleges improve their student retention rates. Colleges can address these problems by creating a dedicated team. But, that requires institutions to risk investments with no guarantee of success.

The Solution

Meera, an AI-powered chatbot, enables colleges to address declining student retention rates. The AI assistant automates contacting students when the need arises. It does so by engaging students that show signs of dropping out or switching. The AI assistant contacts students by sending personalized messages through text messaging platforms. It uses conversations to collate the information required to identify problems with students. Following this, Meera transfers the information to student counselors. Besides this, the AI assistant warms students for calls with counselors and ensures they are contactable. Meera's skills automate the process and enable colleges to improve student retention rates.


Automate Checking
on Students:

Meera enables education institutions to keep a check on student behavior. The AI assistant provides colleges an option to interact with students when needed.

Boost Student Retention

The conversational AI provides colleges an affordable way to retain students. Meera also enables colleges to solve and take note of student problems. This helps institutions improve their ratings and attract more students

Provide Constant Student

The AI assistant enables colleges to roll out 24x7 student support networks. By combining personalization and flexible communication, Meera enables administrations to efficiently support students.