The Problem

Customer support and service is a great lead generation tool. Generally, prospects interested in a product are likely to have queries about them. To resolve these queries, financial institutions prompt prospects to engage with them. This is used to drive prospects to submit their contact information. Most banking and financial institutions are already leveraging the technique using their Contact Us pages. The problem with the current scenario, however, is the communication channels used to engage prospects. A majority of institutions in the sector depend on calling and emailing to engage prospects. Both of these methods make prospects wait for a response. This is not in line with the modern customer’s expectations. The delay in response could frustrate prospects and drive them away. As a result, traditional customer support processes are causing decline contact rates.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers a solution to leverage customer support effectively. The AI assistant enables financial institutions to roll out an appointment scheduling feature. When the user chooses the option, they are redirected to a WhatsApp chat. Meera engages the prospect on the platform using personalized conversations. It then uses the conversation to book an appointment for the query resolution. Further, the AI-powered chatbot warms leads up just before the call and ensures they are contactable. Using the process, Meera boosts contact rates.


Boosts Lead Conversion Rates

Meera empowers prospects to schedule appointments at their own convenience. By doing so, the AI assistant simplifies and streamlines prospect-business communication. The process enhances prospect experiences and improves the probability of a lead converting to a customer.

Improves Lead Conversion Rates

The insurance AI assistant engages leads in real-time using personalized messages. This captures their attention and prompts them to respond. It then guides them to schedule appointments. Leveraging the skills, Meera boosts contact rates and improves lead conversion rates.

Automates Lead Qualification

Meera works on each lead at scale and passes on only interested opportunities to sales teams. By doing so, it frees professionals to focus on closing out on high-intent leads and strategizing marketing plans.