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The Problem

Auto servicing is one of the most profitable after-sales revenue channels for dealerships. Making a profit from auto servicing hinges on the management and delivery of the service. This is becoming increasingly difficult with customers expecting better service quality and shorter wait times. Most dealerships depend on cold calling and emailing to drive customers to book service appointments. But the methods have proven ineffective in recent times. This is due to a drastic shift in consumer preferences. The modern customer finds cold calling annoying and ignores emails. This is making it difficult for auto dealerships to contact customers and manage servicing appointments. As a result, dealerships are struggling to cut down on wait times. Further, this is adding pressure on auto technicians who are forced to work longer and quicker. All this is leading to declining customer experiences and a drop in revenue.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution for the problem. The auto AI assistant enables dealerships to automate service scheduling. It does so by engaging customers through flexible communication channels. Meera contacts customers whose vehicle is due for servicing via WhatsApp, SMS, or webchat. The AI assistant does so by using personalized messages. Meera uses these messages to capture customers’ attention. It then uses the conversations to warm up customers for calls with customer representatives. In this way, the AI assistant boosts contact rates allowing dealerships to schedule and managing servicing.


Maximizes Profitability:

Meera behaves as an automotive service scheduling software. The AI assistant provides in-depth reporting to enable dealerships to optimize operations. In the process, it empowers auto dealerships to deliver quality services at low costs.

Enhances Customer

The AI assistant enables dealerships to seamlessly manage vehicle servicing. By doing so, Meera cuts down on wait times and streamlines auto service scheduling. In this way, the AI assistant delivers enhanced customer experiences. This helps dealerships improve customer satisfaction rates and creates upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Boosts NPS

By enhancing customer experiences, Meera enables dealerships to boost Net Promoter Scores (NPS). The scores help dealerships gain promotion through word of mouth. In turn, higher NPS scores cut down on new customer acquisition costs.