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The Problem

Drafting and discussing quotes is an integral part of the vehicle selling process. Streamlining communication is key to speeding the process and converting leads. But in recent times, auto dealerships are struggling to contact customers. This is due to their reliance on traditional communication tools. Most dealerships use cold calling and emailing to get in touch with their customers. But instead of providing access to leads, the channels are keeping them at bay. This is the result of a drastic shift in consumer communication preferences. The modern-day consumer expects businesses to use flexible and convenient channels for communication. The decline in contact rates is causing auto dealerships to lose out on valuable leads.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution to deal with the problem. The AI-powered automotive chatbot uses personalized engagement to contact leads. It does so by interacting with leads over WhatsApp and SMS. The AI assistant sends out personalized messages over these platforms to capture the lead’s attention. It then drives them to review quotes and nurtures them for calls with sales teams. Meera then schedules the prospect’s call with sales teams. Besides this, the AI assistant warms up leads for the scheduled call to ensure they are contactable. Using the process, Meera boosts contact rates and speeds up quote discussions.


Speeds Up Loan Processing

Meera automates meeting scheduling via flexible communication channels. It drives response rates by allowing them to respond at their convenience. Leveraging the process, Meera empowers banks to engage leads and discuss loans. This saves them a significant time that is otherwise spent in manually scheduling an appointment.

Automates Data Collection

The AI assistant personalizes interactions and uses them to collect customer queries. It then passes this information to loan processing teams. Using the procedure, Meera streamlines and quickens the entire process.

Boosts Lead Conversion Rates

Meera engages leads through flexible and convenient communication channels. The AI assistant personalizes each interaction and prompts leads to respond. In this way, Meera boosts contact rates and aids auto dealerships in enhancing lead conversion rates.