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The Problem

Print media continues to remain a lucrative advertisement channel. This is especially true for the insurance sector whose target audience is young adults. But many a time the nature of the advertisement fails to capture prospect attention. When coming across advertisements, most prospects have questions regarding the product or service. But traditional print advertisements fail to answer these queries. This discourages the customers from communicating with the company. Besides this, most companies promote phone calls and emails as the medium for communication. These channels add an element of delay in communication. Also, a shift in consumer preferences has made these mediums obsolete. As a result, insurance companies are struggling to generate ROI on print advertisements. This also means that the sector is losing out on valuable opportunities.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers an integrable customer support solution for the problem. The insurance AI enables companies to integrate customer service in print advertisements. Meera’s API-driven technology makes it possible for companies to integrate the conversational AI into print ads via QR codes. Scanning the QR code lead prospects to WhatsApp where Meera engages them using personalized conversations. The AI assistant uses the medium to answer prospect queries and nurture leads. Following this, it warms up prospects for calls with sales teams. Using these skills, Meera enables companies to leverage print ads to drive contact and lead conversion rates.


Automated Lead

Meera automates customer service and resolves prospect queries. It works on each lead at scale and engages them periodically. By doing so, it filters out non-qualified leads and passes on high-intent opportunities.

Higher ROI on Print

The AI assistant uses flexible communication channels and personalized conversations to engage customers. Through this, it increases contact rates and drives leads to conversion. This enables companies to leverage print advertisements and generate higher ROI.

Enhances Prospect

Meera enhances prospect experiences by personalizing conversations. It enables companies to seamlessly engage prospects and generate leads. This increases the probability of a lead converting. The AI assistant also leaves a profound impact on converted leads and eases cross-selling and up-selling.