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The Problem

After-sales services are a great way to generate revenue for dealerships. The seamless delivery of these services boosts customer satisfaction rates. This translates into revenue generation in long and short terms. Currently, dealerships are struggling to keep up with customer expectations. The processes in place require customers to travel to dealerships to inquire about servicing slots or spare parts. Unavailability of either of the two can cost customers multiple trips to the dealership with no outcome. This can frustrate customers and drive them away. Most dealerships try to overcome these problems by investing in call centers. But customers still find themselves waiting to speak to a representative. As a result, dealerships are losing loyal customers and important sources of revenue.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI enables dealerships to streamline after-sales service delivery. The automotive AI assistant automates customer support by interacting with them via SMS and WhatsApp. By doing so, it engages customers in real-time eliminating any delays. The AI assistant then uses human-like conversation to warm them up for calls with customer representatives. In case the customer is busy, it drives them to schedule a call with the customer support teams. The process enables dealerships to schedule vehicle servicing and maintain spare parts inventory. Thus, Meera empowers dealerships to deliver high-quality customer service.


Enhances Customer Experience

Meera automates customer support and after-sales service scheduling. The AI assistant reduces wait times and streamlines communication between dealerships and customers. This enhances customer experiences and boosts retention rates.

Boosts Revenue

The AI-powered automotive chatbot empowers dealerships to make after-sales service processes customer-centric. By doing so, Meera reduces customer attrition and ensures high revenue from after-sales services.

Reduces New Customer Acquisition Costs

Meera enhances customer experiences and aids dealerships in boosting Net Promoter Scores (NPS). High NPS scores bring in new customers through word of mouth and reduce customer acquisition costs.