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The Problem

Insurance Agents and leads have numerous conversations before finalizing policy details. In an ideal scenario, these conversations are the key to converting a lead to a customer. But in reality, insurance agents are struggling to even contact leads. This is because the insurance industry continues to use traditional methods of communication. Insurance agents rely on cold calling and emailing to contact prospects. Both these methods have proven ineffective in recent times due to a variety of reasons. One of the most prominent reasons is the drastic change in communication preferences. Prospects, today, expect to interact with businesses via flexible and convenient communication channels. The extensive use of anti-spam solutions is another reason for declining contact rates. These solutions restrict agents from reaching out to the leads. As a result, sales agents end up spending significant amounts of time trying to contact leads. This reduces their productivity and hurts their morale.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI can enable insurance companies to overcome the problem. The insurance AI assistant automates lead engagement and boosts contact rates. It does so by leveraging its machine learning and natural language processing capabilities. Meera begins the process by engaging leads via popular text messaging channels. The AI-powered chatbot uses personalized messages to capture lead attention and drives them to respond. Using these skills, Meera automates call scheduling between leads and insurance agents. The AI assistant also warms leads up before the call to ensure they are contactable. In this way, the insurance AI assistant enables agents to converse with leads and convert them to customers.


Boosts Conversion Rates:

Meera’s personalization and automation engage prospects effectively and boost contact rates. The AI assistant also engages new leads in real-time and improves response rates. By doing so, Meera enhances the chances of a lead converting to a customer.

Automated Lead Follow-up

Meera behaves as an automated lead follow-up system that works each lead at scale. By doing so, the AI assistant nurtures leads and ensures no opportunity slips away.

Improves Cost-Effectiveness

The conversational AI enables insurance companies to replace outbound calling with inbound opportunities. This way it aids companies in cutting down on phone bills.