The Problem

Insurance lead generation has undergone drastic changes in recent times. A majority of the modern insurance buyers begin their research online. As a result, insurance companies are pouring heavy investments in digital marketing. But the industry is still struggling to engage prospective buyers and generate leads. With an influx of new players in the market, prospects have multiple options to explore. Capturing and retaining visitors’ attention has, thus, become difficult. Besides this, a failure to personalize visitor experience is driving them away. Insurance companies lack the engagement and personalization tools required to meet these expectations. As a result, the sector is unable to register a greater ROI on digital marketing.

The Solution

The AI assistant uses machine learning to automate and simplify visitor engagement. Meera engages every visitor on the website through personalized messages. It personalizes user experience and uses human-like conversation to answer their queries. In the process, Meera drives visitors to submit their contact information and generates leads. The insurance AI assistant also collects data on prospects and passes it on to sales teams. Besides this, the AI-powered chatbot nurtures leads and warms them up for calls with sales agents. Meera’s skills equip insurance companies with an automated end-to-end marketing solution. Meera generates leads and guides them at each step to aid companies in improving sales funnel efficiencies.


Affordable Lead

Meera personalizes visitor engagement and drives them to submit their contact information. In the process, it allows companies to register a higher ROI on digital marketing investments.

Personalizes User

The insurance AI assistant personalizes every visitor interaction. By doing so, it enables companies to meet the expectation of more than 64% of insurance buyers.

Automatic Lead

Meera behaves as an intelligent lead management software and works on each lead at scale. By doing so, it filters out non-qualified leads and passes only high-intent opportunities to sales teams.