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The Problem

Financial aid is a great way to encourage students to enroll in colleges. FAFSA or federal financial aid applications is a great way for students to get national and state aid. But, prospective students struggle to submit the application due to various reasons. Lack of awareness and problems in filling the form are a few reasons students struggle to submit FAFSA applications. These factors, in turn, hurt college enrolment and retention rates. Most colleges call and email students to drive them towards FAFSA application submissions. But, these traditional methods are proving ineffective. Most prospects and students shy away from taking calls and do not pay heed to emails. Capturing students' attention and driving them to financial aid submissions has become a problem.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers an effective solution for the problem. It provides universities an affordable way to drive students to submit FAFSA applications. The AI assistant uses popular text messaging channels to communicate with students. It automates sending out financial aid deadline notifications and answers FAQs. Besides this, Meera collects information on exceptional queries. It then passes the information to the admissions team who use it for quick query resolution. To further simplify the process, the AI assistant warms up students for calls and ensures they are contactable.


Boosts Student Enrolment and Retention Rates:

Meera's extensive skill set aids colleges in resolving thousands of financial aid queries effectively. By doing so, the AI assistant helps colleges boost enrolment and retention rates.

Enhances Query Resolution Rates:

By personalizing interactions with students, Meera drives responses and enhances contact rates. This helps college administrations resolve and guide students to application submissions.

Improves Overall Efficiencies:

Meera rids admissions teams of the responsibility of repetitive tasks. The AI assistant takes over the responsibility of communicating with the students about financial aid. By doing so, it frees admissions teams to focus on other important tasks at hand. This improves the overall administrative operational efficiencies.