The Problem

With over 2.5 billion monthly active users, Facebook is a hub of diverse age-groups. The platform gives businesses access to an extensive customer base. As a result, insurance companies are funneling investments in Facebook advertisements. But increasing competition has left companies fighting for prospect attention. The short advertisements fail to address prospect queries. This discourages prospects from going ahead with submitting their contact information. Besides this, prospects who provide their contact information have to wait for a response from companies. This delay can frustrate prospects and drive them away. As a result, companies lose out on valuable revenue-generating opportunities.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers companies a solution to make these ads interactive. The API-driven technology enables companies to integrate the solution as QR codes into their ads. These QR codes redirect prospects to WhatsApp. Meera engages them on the text messaging platform and answers their queries. In the process, it captures their contact information to generate leads. The insurance AI assistant then uses the channel and personalized conversations to warm up leads for calls with sales teams. By doing so, Meera nurtures leads and delivers inbound opportunities.


Improves Lead Generation Rates

The insurance AI assistant makes Facebook ads interactive. It drives prospect engagement by rewarding them with answers to their queries. Leveraging the process, the AI assistant captures prospect attention to generate leads.

Generates Higher ROI on Facebook Ads Investments

By offering automated customer service, Meera improves lead generation rates. The AI assistant nurtures these leads and delivers high-intent inbound opportunities. Using the process, the AI assistant aids companies in generating higher ROI on Facebook advertisements.

Reduces Customer Acquisition Costs

Meera automates lead nurturing and scaling. This empowers companies to cut down on phone bills. Further, the AI assistant collates information on leads and passes it onto the sales teams. Thereby, Meera aids sales professionals in working leads effectively and boosts lead conversion rates