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The Problem

Admissions open house is an effective higher education marketing technique to attract prospects. It engages prospective students and convinces them to enroll in a college. The success of the admissions open house depends on attracting crowds and the intricate planning of the event. But, in recent times colleges have failed to draw in crowds. This is due to the ineffectiveness of the tools used to send invites and engage prospects. Educational institutions use cold calling and emails to invite prospects. These tools are yielding unsatisfactory results. This is because prospects, especially millennials, do not prefer calling or emailing. Besides this, these tools tie-up admissions teams with extra responsibilities. These responsibilities include inviting prospects, following-up, and accounting for their responses. The inefficiency of these processes prevents colleges from benefitting from these events.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution to overcoming the problem. The AI assistant behaves as a higher education marketing specialist and automates the entire process. It sends out thousands of personalized invitations and collects their responses. The AI-powered chatbot uses highly-preferred text messaging platforms to do so. Thus, Meera enhances response rates by using personalization and flexible communication channels. Besides this, Meera analyzes the responses received and generates an automated RSVP report.


Simplifies Admissions Open
House Planning:

Meera enables admissions teams to focus their efforts on the planning of the event. It takes over the responsibility of sending out invites, following up with prospects, and collection of responses.

Boosts Response

Meera's personalization engagement skills, effectively capture prospect attention, and works them at scale. By combining personalization with flexible communication, the AI assistant drives prospects to respond.

Enhances Lead Generation

With Meera's capabilities, colleges boost their chances of hosting successful admissions open houses. These events, in turn, help them in attracting valuable prospects and generating leads.