The Problem

Financial institutions have come up with innovative credit solutions for customers. Despite this, these institutions are struggling to sell them to customers. A key reason for the failure is the use of traditional lead management procedures. Most banks continue to rely on cold calling and emailing to contact leads. But the channels have failed to yield results. This is due to a significant shift in consumer preferences. The modern customer expects businesses to use flexible channels for communication. Besides this, the popularization of anti-spam software has contributed to declining contact rates. The extensive use of anti-spam software has made it difficult for businesses to reach customers. As a result, financial institutions need a lead management solution that addresses these trends.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI offers an effective solution to manage credit solution leads. The banking AI assistant automates lead engagement via WhatsApp and SMS. Meera contacts credit solution leads using personalized messages and prompts them to respond. Using these skills, the banking AI assistant encourages leads to respond. It then uses the conversation to warm them up for calls with sales teams. Following this, Meera connects the leads to sales teams. By doing so, the AI acts as an automated lead management solution and boosts contact rates. This enables financial institutions to improve credit solution lead conversion rates.


Automates Lead

Meera works on each lead at scale. The AI assistant engages leads on a periodically and nurtures them at each phase. It then passes on high-intent leads to sales teams.

Reduces Call

The AI assistant replaces outbound calling with inbound opportunities. By doing so, Meera aids financial institutions in reducing call volumes and save calling expenses.

Boosts Workforce

Meera frees sales teams of the repeated task of trying to contact leads. This enables sales teams to close-out high-intent leads and boosts their efficiency.