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The Problem

Cart abandonment is one of the biggest challenges the e-commerce industry is facing. E-commerce platforms lose out on approximately 75% of their revenue due to this reason. There are a lot of reasons prospective buyers can abandon their carts. Price discrepancies, lack of offers, unexpected shipping costs, and long and confusing checkouts are some of the reasons buyers may abandon their carts. Other reasons include the unavailability of a payment method or sheer forgetfulness. All these reasons could drive high-intent buyers. Most e-commerce companies depend on emails to engage these buyers. But the medium is proving ineffective in recent times. A spike in the competition has caused a significant increase in the volume of marketing emails. As a result, most companies fail to convert prospective buyers to customers. This impacts their revenues and bottom line.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides an effective solution for the problem. The sales enablement AI engages prospects with items in their cart. It does so by initiating conversations over WhatsApp and SMS. The AI assistant sends out personalized messages over these platforms to capture prospects’ attention. By doing so, Meera prompts buyers to respond. It then uses the conversation to warm them up for calls with customer representatives. If the buyer says they are unavailable, the AI assistant drives them to schedule a call. Meera uses the process to boost contact rates. The customer representative then guides buyers and eases their transition to the next stage of the sales funnel. Through the process, the conversational AI for retail and e-commerce boosts lead conversions.


Boosts Sales Funnel Efficiencies

Meera uses personalized and flexible communication to engage prospective buyers. The sales enablement AI uses this to guide leads to the next phase of sales funnel. By doing so, Meera ensures no opportunity is lost and enhances sales funnel efficiencies.

Automates Lead Qualification

The AI assistant works on each lead at scale. It does so by periodically contacting them and analyzing their responses. Using the process, it evaluates their interest and filters out non-qualified leads. This enables e-commerce companies to work only high-intent leads.

Identify Customer Expectations

Meera boosts contact rates with prospective buyers. This gives e-commerce companies an opportunity to identify their expectations. In turn, the process enables companies to upgrade themselves in line with their expectations.