The Problem

Driving applicants to register is a pivotal stage of the admissions funnel. The efficiency of this phase determines the enrolment rates for universities. Colleges use various methods to maintain healthy application to registration ratios. Some common methods used include frequent follow-ups, periodic deadline notifications, and student support networks. Cold calling and emailing are the most used tools to implement these procedures. But, these practices have proven ineffective in recent times. Prospects, today, demand flexibility and convenience in communication. As a result, universities are losing out on genuine authentic opportunities.

The Solution

Meera conversational AI provides colleges an effective way to drive applications to registrations. The AI-powered chatbot interacts with applicants through SMS and WhatsApp using personalized messages. Meera automates answering FAQs and resolves applicant queries in real-time. The AI-assistant also behaves as an automated lead-follow up system and reminds applicants of deadlines. Besides this, Meera warms up applicants for calls with admissions teams to enable quick resolution of exceptional queries. With these skills, the AI-powered chatbot enhances contact rates and solves applicant queries. This, in turn, drives applicants to register boosting enrollment rates.


Enhances Application to Registration Ratio:

With quick and automated query resolution, Meera aids universities in boosting registration rates

Rids Admissions Team of Repetitive Tasks:

The AI assistant doubles as an automated lead follow-up system. It engages applicants and rids the admissions teams from the repetitive task of trying to contact applicants.

Reduces Outbound Call Volume:

Meera replaces outbound follow-up calls with inbound query resolution requests. In doing so, the AI assistant helps universities cut down on phone bills.