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Meera Leverages Machine Learning to Add Full Support for Spanish Conversations

Meera Leverages Machine Learning to Add Full Support for Spanish Conversations

NEW YORK, NY / ACCESSWIRE / September 5, 2023

Meera, which automates 80% of a sales team's busywork, is now supporting Spanish conversations on its AI texting platform. Designed to provide high-quality customer support in Spanish throughout all stages of the customer journey, the update is bringing transformative AI-texting to businesses around the world.

Meera can now respond to customers in Spanish

Meera's AI-based text automation platform is changing how new leads are nurtured and meetings are scheduled by syncing with CRMs to send human-like text messages. Its platform does the heavy lifting for sales agents, including responding to leads 24/7, using natural language processing to mimic human texting, scheduling meetings, and transferring calls to sales professionals. The company's goal is to provide users with a text-loving SDR that never sleeps or has a bad day.

Meera understands that the need for excellent, efficient customer service is universal regardless of where a business operates. With its latest update, the company will serve nearly 7.5% of the world's population who speak Spanish. By supporting Spanish text conversations on its platform, Meera is empowering companies in North America, Central America, South America and beyond with the ability to offer timely service in their native language and ultimately prioritize their customers' experiences.

"The reality is simple: most solutions on the market add multi-language support much later into the product roadmap," says Vivek Zaveri, Founder & CEO, Meera. "This means Spanish-speaking customers often struggle to receive adequate support when they need it. It also means companies must overspend on human agents to provide Spanish support. At Meera, we wanted to change this narrative by ensuring companies could better serve their Spanish-speaking customers through the power of AI-powered conversations with a human touch."

The underlying AI technology powering Meera was trained using natural language processing and is capable of supporting a variety of languages. This made it possible for Meera's computer engineers to rapidly adapt the platform to support Spanish after initially releasing in English. Companies are now able to add Spanish capabilities to Meera in only a few clicks.

With the successful launch of its Spanish capabilities on its AI platform, Meera is developing plans for additional support for other languages in future releases. To learn more about Meera and its update for Spanish conversational text messages, please visit

Meera: Text messaging that engages new leads within 15 seconds

About Meera

Meera is an AI text messaging platform that uses human-like messages to automate 80% of your team's busy work. That way, your agents don't have to waste time following up and qualifying leads that are nearly impossible to reach by phone or email. Meera engages prospects automatically, nurtures them until they are ready to talk to sales and then either schedules a meeting or transfers a call directly to a member of your team. The result is more qualified meetings with less effort and lower acquisition costs.

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