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Who’s Getting New Leads With Meera?

Awareness Ads Put Your Name Out There, But …


They don’t give you a firm idea about who’s seen them

You don’t know how to compare ---

You don’t know how to compare the effectiveness of different ads (or channels)

They typically offer --

They typically offer no obvious, instant way to engage with your brand

Discover Which Ads Are Working Best — And Actually Generate Leads From Them

Meera reaches out fast with human-feeling conversations to contacts who’ve seen your ad and scanned an embedded identifier, with no manual effort.

Embedded Links Give You Instant Insight

When a targeted QR code or URL is scanned, you know which ad it comes from, and exactly when it sparked a viewer’s interest.

Gauge Ad Effectiveness As You Go

You don’t need staffers to sit on the phone, or manually read email or text responses. You know who says Yes, No, or Maybe as soon as they reply.

Pave A Path To Your Doorstep

You can separately target event attendees, no-shows, and those who couldn’t make your event, all over low-annoyance, high-contact SMS.

Know Where Your
Customers Are Coming From

Your outreach team doesn’t have the tools or the time to figure out where every contact originated. With embedded codes, though, you’ll know automatically.

Customers Are Coming

Make It A Conversation

From ad links, you can spark conversation with a human feel. Meera’s AI-driven messaging has been optimized and tested over the course of tens of thousands of conversations.


Keep Interest Sparked

Awareness doesn’t mean ready-to-buy. So Meera doesn’t put your contacts on the spot the way cold calling does. Instead, it enables a smooth transition to a call (now, or scheduled) when a lead is ready.

Keep Interest Sparked

Jump From Awareness To Understanding


Don’t Miss the Eyeball Instant

Your ad only has a few seconds to spark curiosity. When it does, though, you can use that moment to start a text dialogue with an interested customer.


Jump to the right message

When you know the ad and the channel your contact is coming from, you can tailor the page they’ll reach to match for a relevant message.


Go Way Past Awareness, Automatically

Meera can sense when it’s time for a call based on contacts’ questions and activity. Your lead can schedule an appointment, or have common questions answered.