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Reduce costs & improve customer experience with automated text messaging that mimics real-life conversations.

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Insurance Agents Are Drowning In Outreach & Follow Up Work

Prospects request a quote but are impossible to reach. Customers lose coverage because they don’t answer calls or emails.

Meera Automates Tedious Tasks Using
Conversational Texts That Take A White Glove Approach.

Without Meera

You waste time following up on quote requests that go nowhere.
Warm leads turn cold because no one connects with them immediately.
Customers forget to send documents or complete

With Meera

Every quote request is followed up with a text message automatically.
Leads are engaged within that crucial 10-15 second window, so no opportunity is ever missed.
Customers get automatic text reminders,

Automate Busywork, Improve Customer Service & Generate More Business With Less Effort

Unlike other SMS apps, Meera uses AI to understand incoming texts. So every interaction is helpful, friendly and feels like messaging with an actual person.

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Collect Documents Automatically

Send automated, personalized follow-up text messages to remind customers that they still need to submit information. They can even send the documents directly through a text reply.

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Follow Up On Payment Requests

Reminders are sent automatically when payments are due or overdue. Customers just need to click a link and they’ll be redirected to your payment platform

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Turn More Quotes Into Policies

Meera follows up with leads and asks relevant questions using a combination of AI and SMS best practices. Then it transfers the person to an agent when the time is right.

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Schedule Meetings Without The Hassle

Automate the entire appointment scheduling process. Meera allows customers to pick a meeting time that works best for them without the back-and-forth emails.

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Answer Policy Questions Instantly

Program Meera to provide answers to basic questions about your customers’ policies. This saves your team time and reduces your overall costs.

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Get Customized Texts For Your Business

Our team will work with you to craft custom message campaigns that match your goals and reflect your brand. All the setup is done for you.


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