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Meera Automates 80% Of Your

Team’s Texting Busywork

Here’s how Meera saves you up to 3 hours per day
on the back-and-forths with prospects:


Texts new leads within 15 seconds

Meera uses conversational AI to encourage them to book a meeting with an available agent.


Helps them find an ideal meeting time

Prospects only need to suggest a possible time and Meera will automatically schedule the meeting.


Connects the prospect to an agent

A reminder is sent to the prospect before an upcoming call, followed by a warm transfer to an available agent.

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Boost Sales Productivity And Availability

Meera helps you create a productive and focused sales team by automating the manual tasks they hate doing.

Turn New Leads Into Warm Opportunities
Meera makes the right first impression by texting new leads instantly, handling the back-and-forths, and warming leads up for your agents.
Automate the Entire Appointment Booking Workflow
Why waste your agents valuable time on setting up meetings? Meera automates the entire appointment booking workflow by connecting with your customers directly.
Spark Meaningful Conversations with Your Customers
Meera supports your customers by providing instant customer service when they need it. For more complex scenarios, Meera will initiate a warm transfer to a human agent.

Just a few companies that are getting a 3-5X ROI using Meera


54% increase in reinstated application rate by engaging canceled applicants with text messaging.


54% increase in lead-to-enrollment rate with human-like text messaging campaigns.

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116% increase in qualified appointments with customized texts to prospective customers.

Qualify, Nurture, And Engage More Leads With SMS Automation

Schedule a demo today and see how easy embracing automated SMS can be with Meera.