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Allstate automates appointment scheduling with the Meera Conversational AI Platform


Allstate Insurance, one of the largest insurance providers in North America, faced a challenge with their agents' sales productivity being consistently disrupted by administrative tasks. The main obstacle for their agents was the time-consuming process of chasing down prospective clients to schedule appointments and discuss their insurance needs.

To address the challenge, Allstate decided to integrate a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) platform into their system. Their goal was to automate and streamline the appointment scheduling process, reducing the time agents spent reaching out to prospective clients.


  • Automates Appointment Scheduling
  • Streamlines Communications
  • Increases Sales Productivity
  • Delivers High Response and conversion Rates
  • Scales fast, without raising headcount

Reduce busywork and increase productivity in your business with Meera, and give your sales team back the time to focus on their best prospects.

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