Just a few brands using Meera to schedule meetings:


Scheduling Meetings With Other Calendar Apps Requires A Lot Of Tedious Work


Following up on missed appointments drains your team's time.

dont schedule meeting

Reaching out to leads manually who don't schedule a meeting.

Reschedule meeting

Rescheduling a meeting requires more back and forth.

Meera syncs with your agents' calendars and books meetings for them based on their availability 


Meera Knows When
New Leads Come In

Meera syncs with your CRM to understand your lead’s intent. That way, it can respond with the right message.

Sends Them A Text To Schedule A Meeting


Sends Them A Text To Schedule A Meeting

Because Meera uses natural language processing — a form of advanced AI — it can understand text replies and will respond appropriately.


Schedules The Meeting

Meera checks the availability of up to 100 of your agents. If the lead's requested time isn't available, they'll be sent to a calendar link.

Schedules A Meeting


Live Transfers To Your Agent

Choose to transfer a lead or customer immediately to a representative instead.

Live Transfers To An Agent

Meera Also Improves Attendance Rates By

Reminding everyone of the meeting

Reminding everyone of the meeting

Reminder texts will go out to both leads and your agents before the scheduled appointment.

Following up with no-shows

Following up with no-shows

Meera knows when leads don’t show up to a meeting. It then sends friendly texts asking them to reschedule.

Providing a simple way to reschedule

Providing a simple way to reschedule

No more looking for the calendar link. Just text 'I need to reschedule' and Meera will handle the rest.

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