Just a few companies that are getting a 3-5X ROI using Meera

Level Financing

Level Financing turned 97% of qualified leads into sales calls.


Freed up their agents by automating the most tedious tasks associated with renewing insurance policies.


47% increase in lead-to-enrollment rate with human-like text messaging campaigns.

You Know Text Messaging Is a Powerful Channel, But Your Team Struggles to Keep Up With It All


Incoming texts overwhelm your already-busy agents


Leads turn cold after waiting too long for a reply


Time is wasted qualifying & following up with leads

Meera Tackles The Busywork Your Team Hates
Using Conversational Text Messaging

Group 11680

Respond to leads 24/7

Meera understands incoming texts and provides the right response.

Group 11685

Nurture & qualify

Meera uses natural language processing to mimic human texting.

Group 11688

Schedule or transfer calls

Meera schedules meetings or transfers calls to your reps at the right time.

Group 11874@2x1
Group 11681

It’s Like Hiring a Text-Loving SDR Who Never Sleeps or Has a Bad Day

Group 11686

Boost your connect
rate by up to 45%

Meera uses natural language processing to mimic how people text in real life. This makes people twice as likely to read messages and engage with your team.

Group 11674

Bring expired leads
back to life

Turn unreachable leads into new revenue opportunities. Let Meera re-engage your cold prospects with human-like texts that lead to more meetings.


Connect without
annoying customers

SMS marketing blasts irritate leads and turn off the very customers you want to engage. But Meera sends perfectly timed messages that are relevant, helpful and human.

What Sales & Marketing Leaders Are Saying About Meera

We were really shocked and excited to see the increase in lead to enrolment rate by 47%. We knew we will have an impact but not to this extent and we are beyond thrilled with these numbers and looking forward to testing and expanding into different areas in the future

Alicia Slachta

Alicia Slachta (Senior Paid Media Account Manager)

Penn Foster College


Jeff and his team has been a dream to work with! If you are looking for a solution to help scale your business globally, work with a team that is super collaborate, agile, and speed to market - Meera.AI should be TOP of your list!

Dan Huynn

Dan Huynn (VP - Head of Insurance and Partnerships)

Covered Insurance-Digital Insurance Marketplace

Covered Logo

I just enrolled a student from one of the Meera SMS calls. At the end of the call, she said Thank You to Penn Foster for continuing to call her and being persistent in following up. That helped her to get motivated to enroll today.

Shirley Rodriguez

Shirley Rodriguez (Admissions Officer)

Penn Foster College


I am super excited to partner with Jeffrey and the entire team at Meera.AI to bring AI powered conversational SMS into the Covered Insurance customer journey. Their team is the real deal and are building transformational tech to boost sales productivity and increase the availability of sales teams to do what they do best, SELL!

Robbie Boddy

Robbie Boddy (Chief Marketing Officer)

Covered Insurance-Digital Insurance Marketplace


Meera enabled us to get real-time insights and instantly tune our sales campaigns according to customers’ feedback.

Paul Montgomery

Paul Montgomery (Chief Marketing Officer)



Before working with Meera, Antioch University was struggling to work with leads quickly and effectively. As a result, the university was losing out on significant investments made in lead generation efforts.

After integrating Meera into our systems, we were able to engage leads in real-time. The strategy helped us improve contact rates by 780% and register a 120% increase in application rates.

Michael Metcalf

Michael Metcalf (Marketing Director)

Antioch University


We were able to reengage with around 273,000 leads. From this re-engagement, we picked up 3000 more applications (leads converted to applications), which is 1.3% - 1.4% additional conversion- just by implementing Meera.

Bill Tsatsoulis

Bill Tsatsoulis (Former Chief Operating Officer)

Academy of Art University